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Crawfish Boils - Not Only a Dish but also a Social Event

 The best way to enjoy crawfish is also the simplest: boiled in water, smothered with butter, peppers, garlic and cajun seasonings and accompanied by potatoes, sausage, and corn.


Crawfish cooked this way – a crawfish boil – is as much social event as dish, a springtime ritual not to be missed. Nothing says "party" like a crawfish boil.


Of course, you'll have to know how to peel and eat a crawfish, in order to show your guests. You can separate the natives from the tourists by watching who makes it looks easy.


Grab a nice, fat crawfish from the mound of steaming red in front of you, then:


Twist the head away from the tail and set it aside.


Peel a couple or three segments of shell along the tail, exposing more meat. Find the sweet spot at the bottom end of the tail.


Pinch and watch the meat slide out of its shell.

Eventually you do get the hang of it.


Beverages of choice are sodas for the youngsters and cold beer for others. Buy Abita Beer, made from spring water found in Abita Springs, La., and your friends will think you've gone native. It's readily available at My Brother's Crawfish.



No crawfish boil is complete without the appropriate combination of  Jazz and New Orleans music playing in the background while you load up on crawfish tails.  


So gather your family and head out to My Brother's Crawfish for some of the best tasting crawfish boil in Northwest!


My Brother's Crawfish RAVES!

What they are saying about us on Yelp:



While the plate dishes are good, nothing compares to the actual crawfish boils. These are packed with flavor - if you like spice, ask for the house broth extra - Simon T.


The Crawfish were excellent.  Good in size and quality, as well as the broth used to boil them.  Very good.  The spicy would warm you up a little, but wasn't over the top. - Jason M.



The crawfish is cooked to perfection and the sauce makes it extremely delightful. - Anna M.



The crawfish were also unbelievable! Big and juicy, just like I love! And the boil was spicy and rich and just so darn flavorful! You know I love nothing more than digging into food with my bare hands, so a pile of messy paper towels later, I'm walking out of there with big burning smile on my face!:) -Mary Anne



The crawfish boil (spicy, with potatoes and corn {very worth the extra $$} and a side of corn bread) makes me want to travel to New Orleans.  It was fun to eat them and it treated my tastebuds well. -Anita C.



I lived in New Orleans for four years and can vouch for the brothers' cooking.  The crawfish boil we had was spicy and delicious.  It's not really traditional, newspaper on a piece of plywood crawfish, but really I was just excited to find fresh good crawfish.  - Mike K.
























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